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Factory 3, No.22 Kangfa Road, Songyin, Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai 201504.

We’re open Monday – Friday, 8am – 7:30pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How do you require the artwork file for custom print orders?

We require artwork in a layered Illustrator or pdf file – if you’re having trouble curving the artwork to fit out templates we can assist free of charge. We will supply a .jpg image of the file before print so that the customer can check all font & artwork has transferred properly.

Can you provide samples?

Yes we can – if the product is unprinted and made from our usual stock paper then it’s free of charge (excluding freight) if you require printed samples we will request a fee of $150 USD (excluding freight) to cover paper waste & print setup – we can usually send around 5-10pcs of sample after we finish the process.

How many colours can I use for my artwork?

The maximum amount is 6 colours for our printing press – if your design requires a gloss/varnish then that means we can use 5.

How long is your production lead time?

Our usual production lead time is 2 weeks (rush orders within 1) – it may take longer to order in special material if you have a specific request for a brand of paper or thickness that is different to our stock paper.

If I have continuous orders & a different material than you stock do I have to always wait for paper to arrive?

No if you will place continuous orders with our company we will hold 2 months material stock so that we can produce your orders within 1-2weeks of confirmation.

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