“We Choose to use PureCo for the production of our cinema packaging for a number of reasons. They are cost effective, have a fast turnaround time and always produce quality in both product durability and printed images – which is super important in our industry.”

Superpop cinema supplies – Michael Conole Managing director

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Cinema Packaging

Superpop Cinema Supplies

Superpop has been supplying Australian and New Zealand Cinemas with supplies for over 25 years. Superpop has a wide geographical range expanding to every major state in Australia, they also have a diverse product range providing catering for both major cinemas to small start-ups, local businesses and public events.

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Cinema Packaging

Custom Printing

To create good cinema packaging requires high quality graphic printing work, which is where PureCo can assist by utilising flexographic printing techniques, providing Superpop with clear, smudge free designs on all their packaging range.

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