Everything You Need to Know about Custom Made Coffee Cups

Every company wants an effective and low-cost way to market their brand. The more innovative your marketing strategy is, the more likely you are to reduce customer churn and improve long-term revenue. The great thing about the hospitality industry is that it offers countless opportunities for branding.

From your brick-and-mortar store that can be carefully designed to deliver a specific atmosphere, to your online presence which generates great reviews from existing fans there are plenty of ways to make your firm stand out. Of course, few methods are as effective at capturing customer attention than custom made coffee cups.

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Why Coffee Cups Should be Part of your Strategy

Custom coffee cups can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. At Pureco China, we use the latest printing techniques and design methods to provide you with everything you need to boost brand awareness, earn customer loyalty, and supplement your advertising plan. You can even customise your coffee cup lids for the ultimate experience!

When used properly, a printed takeaway coffee cup can be an incredibly effective promotional tool. Your colours, message, and even your logo can help to build brand loyalty over time while giving your company the sense of credibility it needs to attract new customers.

A well-designed custom coffee cup can even turn your customers into brand advocates. Your clients take their cups with them wherever they go, giving you a chance to get your logo out there.

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What to Consider When Designing Custom Coffee Cups

Because your custom cups travel around your local area, inspiring conversations around your brand, it’s important to make sure that you get your design right. To get the most out of your promotional creation, think about the following factors:

  • Durability and convenience: Your drinks are going to be hot, so how can you make it easier for your customers to carry your coffee cups with them? Will you risk covering your logo with a sleeve, or would it be better to choose a double-wall or ripple wall cup design?
  • Branding: Which colours and images are you going to use in your design? Do your coffee cups need to match other promotional packaging items like ice cream tubs or salad boxes?
  • Sizing: Coffee cups in many flavours and sizes. You might need to invest in a range of coffee cups to suit your menu, from 4oz or 8oz cups for espressos to 12oz cups for lattes and cappuccinos. The more choice you offer, the easier it will be to sell to a wider range of customers.
  • Accessories: Will you be using a custom lid with your coffee cup? This could be a great way to make your drinks really stand out.
  • Sustainability: Looking to build a stronger connection with your target audience? Show them that you share their values. Choose biodegradable and recyclable coffee cups to set yourself apart as an advocate for sustainability.

Get the Right Help for your Custom Made Coffee Cups

At first glance, your coffee cups might not seem like a big part of your sales and marketing strategy. However, when you start to look at your packaging as a unique promotional opportunity, you’ll begin to unlock its full potential.

The key to making the most of your coffee cups is finding a supplier who can bring your design to life. At PureCo China, our Australian-owned and operated factory uses the latest printing techniques, and the most reliable materials to create incredible food and beverage packaging. Want to discover the possibilities of custom-made coffee cups yourself? Contact PureCo China today!