How to Utilise Chinese Package Manufacturers for Your Custom Packaging Business

How to Utilise Chinese Package Manufacturers for Your Custom Packaging Business

You may have heard that there are significant savings involved when contracting with a China-based packaging manufacturer, especially when compared with manufacturers based in western countries. While there are definitely cost savings advantages to be found in selecting a China-based manufacturer, there can be some pitfalls.

Building Packaging Partnerships

How best to utilise a packaging partner involves an even balance of weighing cost, quality, and adding in the intangible aspect of trust. The ideal packaging manufacturer for you will depend on numerous variables. Some of them may include:

  • Production capacity. You might be able to locate a Chinese manufacturer of packaging like coffee cups, to-go containers, or other concessions supplies, but they may not be able to meet your needs when it comes to order volume. Or, if they can deliver the volumes you need, they may not be able to meet your specific time frame.

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  • Product Quality. Pureco China realises that some customers want to spend the absolute least amount of money for the packaging they buy. While it’s a great best practice to be mindful of expenses, it’s also important to get the most value possible from the packaging material you buy. Evaluating product quality should involve more than just conducting sample tests. There should be ongoing quality control measures in place just to make sure that the packaging articles received are consistently high quality, month after month.

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  • Communication and Order Placement. Because China is such a large country with so many different dialects, it can be challenging to locate a manufacturer that can communicate clearly with you, making order processing easy and seamless for your organisation. When considering a China-based manufacturer of packaging products, be sure you are comfortable with the ability of the manufacturer to communicate effectively.
  • Learn the Equipment. To truly understand how efficient and upstanding a packaging manufacturer is, it helps to know how up-to-date their manufacturing equipment is. If it’s significantly older, it can be more susceptible to problems in the manufacturing process. Ask questions to find out what equipment is being used, and what its capabilities are. A good packaging manufacturer should be able to provide this information to you upfront.

To best utilise China-based packing manufacturers, you want to be sure you’re doing your homework. Don’t be afraid to ask technical questions about the exact dimensions of the packaging you’re considering. Also, if you’ve been disappointed with the quality of other packaging products, be sure to make this clear, so that the same mistake isn’t made twice.

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Tying It All Together

 Remember that the right packaging partner will be responsive, accurate, fairly priced, and competitive with regards to quality and production capacity. Conducting your due diligence as you engage with a China-based manufacturer will increase the likelihood that your organisation will benefit from a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship. Contact PureCo China today!